A very proud moment.

She’s driving.

Usually the thought of your kid taking the family car off, by herself, for the first time strikes fear in a parent. For me, I think I’m as proud as if she had just graduated college.

I started teaching her to drive when she was twelve. We’d leave the house early on Sunday mornings and go to the most remote place I could think of and I’d give her the wheel. We worked up slowly from her going around vacant parking lots all the way to her driving us through downtown–white knuckled– scared she was going to slam into oncoming traffic, or worse get pulled over for driving without a license.

Our Driver Training Sundays were our close time. We could open up and talk and really connect while she was learning the finer points of “coming to a complete stop” and “aiming high in steering”.

Today she finally got her license.

Another to-do, to-done.

Another step.

Coming Up for Air | Quick bits

Clap your cold hands

– No news to report lately.

– I’ve got a few projects at work that are kicking my everliving butt. All good, just time consuming as hell.

– I did a bunch of “power portraits” last week. As per usual I had performance anxiety to the point of almost giving up (ok, almost throwing up), but the shoots (six of them) came off without a hitch. As a matter of fact, one of the shots, the most important one, may turn out to be the best portrait I’ve ever done.

– Kaly turns sixteen Saturday. That reality boggles my mind. I’m not worried or anything like that– she’s going to be fine. It’s just sobering to think she’s sixteen– just two short years and she’s “for real” grown. Writing this makes me tear up.

– Watched The Lady in the Water the other night. I almost enjoyed the movie until I realized that I’m really starting to resemble Paul Giamatti. Going to the gym is almost becoming a priority. ‘Almost’ being the operative word.

– Leslie and I had what we considered an almost date-like experience the other night. We went to the video store, then afterwards we had dinner at Panera Bread. It’s the little things.

– The comment counter is broken. It’s been messed up since I upgraded the site back around the first of December.

– Wondering if when I change the header image (^ that picture up on top of the site ^), it counts as a blog post? I try and change it every day.

– Took a personality test the other day. It was pretty accurate, except for the part where it suggested I may need a handful of Midol and a box of tampons.

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